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OneDice Quickstart



For those of you still wondering about whether you’ll like the OneDice system, we’ve put together a Quickstart book, which contains most of the basic rules, plus a short fantasy adventure and a brief solo scifi adventure to get you going. It’s “Pay What Your Want”!

And if you’re already playing OneDIce, you might well be interested in a couple of freebies – Mooks & Minions, and Sanity & Insanity, optional rules in our new “OneDice Options” series!–Minions?manufacturers_id=4595–Insanity?manufacturers_id=4595

January Update

So, where are we at? There has been a deluge of releases for the OneDice system – Universal, Twisted Tomorrow, Steampunk, Airship Pirates, Pirates & Dragons, Cyberpunk, Fantasy and Pulp. All, bar Pulp, are already available in softcover print and electronic formats – expect Pulp out in softcover print very soon! OneDice Airship Pirates is also available as a hard cover (and OneDice Pirates & Dragons should have a hardback option in the next day or two).

And we haven’t forgotten Renaissance! The Pirates & Dragons bestiary, Curious Creatures of the Dragon Isles, should be out shortly (and includes retro D20 stats, along with Renaissance stats); and Roger and Ade have written a splendid sequel to “The Depths of Winter”, which is all done and awaiting layout.

Writingwise we are on with Tales of Tortuga, OneDice Space, OneDice Urban Fantasy and OneDice WW1 – all ongoing – and we’re considering a Kickstarter to complete the Kingdom & Commonwealth campaign for Clockwork & Chivalry, once we’ve honoured all our Pirates & Dragons commitments. We’re also going to get Airship Pirates Heresy edition (the original) back out there, and errata-free, along with Under the Lamplight (in colour) and Ruined Empires.

Oh, and we better run another competition on Facebook soon – watch this space…

We’ve also joined up with some other small publishers to form the Game Publisher’s Guild. Hopefully this will give us more of a presence at conventions, and eventually in stores.

So we have a busy few months ahead of us!

As ever, we are grateful for everyone who has supported us so far and helped spread the word about our endeavours. If anyone without a vested interest can do some more reviews of our games on Drivethru, that would be groovy, and please help spread the word about the games we do – it really does make a difference – and, as always, feedback is welcome!

Now I better get on with writing some more about WW1…

Cyberpunk adds to OneDice range

2015-01-13 15.34.02

OneDice Cyberpunk is the latest game to be added to the OneDice system, and is now available in print! Each book in the series is standalone, but all are compatible, allowing for whatever cross-genre shenanigans you want to get up to! You can get them all here:–Walton

(Note: teapot not included).