January Update

So, where are we at? There has been a deluge of releases for the OneDice system – Universal, Twisted Tomorrow, Steampunk, Airship Pirates, Pirates & Dragons, Cyberpunk, Fantasy and Pulp. All, bar Pulp, are already available in softcover print and electronic formats – expect Pulp out in softcover print very soon! OneDice Airship Pirates is also available as a hard cover (and OneDice Pirates & Dragons should have a hardback option in the next day or two).

And we haven’t forgotten Renaissance! The Pirates & Dragons bestiary, Curious Creatures of the Dragon Isles, should be out shortly (and includes retro D20 stats, along with Renaissance stats); and Roger and Ade have written a splendid sequel to “The Depths of Winter”, which is all done and awaiting layout.

Writingwise we are on with Tales of Tortuga, OneDice Space, OneDice Urban Fantasy and OneDice WW1 – all ongoing – and we’re considering a Kickstarter to complete the Kingdom & Commonwealth campaign for Clockwork & Chivalry, once we’ve honoured all our Pirates & Dragons commitments. We’re also going to get Airship Pirates Heresy edition (the original) back out there, and errata-free, along with Under the Lamplight (in colour) and Ruined Empires.

Oh, and we better run another competition on Facebook soon – watch this space…

We’ve also joined up with some other small publishers to form the Game Publisher’s Guild. Hopefully this will give us more of a presence at conventions, and eventually in stores.

So we have a busy few months ahead of us!

As ever, we are grateful for everyone who has supported us so far and helped spread the word about our endeavours. If anyone without a vested interest can do some more reviews of our games on Drivethru, that would be groovy, and please help spread the word about the games we do – it really does make a difference – and, as always, feedback is welcome!

Now I better get on with writing some more about WW1…