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Michael Scott Rohan’s Winter of the World RPG

CoversCakebread & Walton are pleased to announce that they have just signed a contract to produce a table-top roleplaying game line based on the Winter of the World novels by award-winning British fantasy author Michael Scott Rohan.

“I have crossed a whole wide land, and sought out the duergar in their mountain fastnesses, and lived with them two long years; I have lived with the alvar of the forests, Tapiau’s Children, and escaped the forest’s power. I have sailed the Seas of the Sunrise, I have fought beside an exiled lord against the Ekwesh by land and sea, and when he won himself a kingdom. I have battled a dragon beneath the earth, and the Ice-witch herself on a palace stair – aye, and bested her! And yet I would far sooner be a man whole and at peace, in a land I made my own, with my true love by my side.”

  • Mastersmith Elof Valantor in The Hammer of the Sun

The chronicles of the Winter of the World echo down the ages in half-remembered myth and song – tales of the mysterious powers of the Mastersmiths, of the forging of great weapons, of the subterranean kingdoms of the Duergar, of gods who walk abroad… and of the Powers of the Ice, endlessly seeking dominion.

Michael Scott Rohan has told the tales of those times in six epic, award-winning novels. Now you can join the adventures! Fight against the menace of the ruthless Ekwesh raiders and their evil shamans. Join the corsairs of Bryhaine. Trek the sinister forests of Tapiau’la-an-Aithen. Explore the mighty ruins of Kermorvan the City. Sail the Sunset Sea and behold once more the High Gate of Kerys. Fight dragons in the cavernous kingdoms of the Duergar. Forge weapons of great might and join the fight against the darkly beautiful Louhi and the Powers of the Ice itself!

The game line will begin with two core games: Winter of the World: Adventures in Brasayhal, and Winter of the World: Adventures in Kerys. They will be lush, full-colour 256-page game books, each containing everything you need to start role-playing in the world of Michael Scott Rohan’s fantasy novels. Adventures in Brasayhal will concentrate on the great western continent, and focus on adventures of exploration and discovery; Adventures in Kerys will concentrate on the low dives and glittering palaces of the great city of Kerys and its strife-torn surroundings, and the plotting and squabbling of petty nobles. Both game books will be stand-alone, but will form a source book for the other. Using the simple, concise OneDice rules (suitable for beginners and veterans alike), they will plunge you into a world of powerful heroes, meddling gods, ruthless cannibal raiders, and an ancient icy menace that seeks the extinction of life itself. Further supplements will follow, providing adventures, new setting material, etc.

The games will feature cover art by Ian Miller, first seen on the UK paperback editions of the novels, and will contain original fiction by Michael Scott Rohan himself!

The Winter of the World Role-Playing Game is designed by award-winning game writers Peter Cakebread and Ken Walton, authors of Clockwork & Chivalry, Abney Park’s Airship Pirates, Pirates & Dragons, Dark Streets and the OneDice series.

Michael Scott Rohan’s critically acclaimed Winter of the World novels (The Anvil of Ice, The Forge in the Forest, The Hammer of the Sun, The Castle of the Winds, The Singer and the Sea, and Shadow of the Seer) were first published between 1986 and 2001 and are now available as ebooks from Gollancz under the SF Gateway imprint. The Anvil of Ice is to be reissued in print in the Fantasy Masterworks series in September.

“The dawns were always cold then, whatever the season, in the Long Winter of the Old World, in the dominion of the Ice.”

  • The Anvil of Ice