As well as roleplaying games, Cakebread & Walton also produce fiction:


The Alchemist’s Revenge

By Peter Cakebread

In a 17th century that didn’t quite happen, a nation is torn apart by civil war.

When an embittered mercenary agrees to escort a grieving widow to visit her husband’s grave, little does he realise the dangers they will face. This is the story of their struggle through a country divided. As they journey through tainted lands, ravaged by alchemical magic and giant clockwork war machines, they are reunited with old friends and stalked by sinister foes. The reluctant heroes band together in this tale of loss and despair, of redemption and friendship, and ultimately, of retribution and revenge!

The Alchemist’s Revenge is the first volume in the Companie of Reluctant Heroes series.

The first novel by the co-author of the multi-award winning Abney Park’s Airship Pirates RPG and the Clockwork & Chivalry RPG.

Set in the world of the Clockwork & Chivalry RPG

The Alchemist’s Revenge: 225 pages

Multiple file formats, $4.99

Softcover + multiple file formats, $14.99

MMThe Morecambe Medium

by Peter Cakebread with Ken Walton

It’s 1895 and there’s murder in the air! Enter Augustus Mulberry and Arthur Touchstone, Consulting “Detectorators”.

Mulberry and Touchstone are a pair of rather defective detectives, who ply their trade in the delightful Victorian seaside town of Morecambe. Will they be able to cope with a proper case? Can they catch the killer? Or will they be too distracted by teashops, spooky seances and the length of Constable Cheeks’ beard?

The Morecambe Medium

Multiple file formats, $4.99

Softcover + multiple file formats, $14.99