By Peter Cakebread & Ken Walton

The first two adventures of the epic Kingdom & Commonwealth Campaign for Clockwork & Chivalry.

Volume I: The Alchemist’s Wife

January 1646, and the land is in the grip of an icy winter. From Prince Rupert’s capital of Oxford, the Adventurers set out on a quest for the missing wife of a high-ranking Alchemist. Ahead of them, a ruthless Parliamentarian agent leaves a trail of destruction; behind them, a mysterious figure dogs their footsteps. They are bound for the tainted lands around Naseby, where the magickal aftermath of alchemical warfare blights the countryside. Beyond lie the clockwork weapon-shops of Cambridge and a deadly climax which could re-ignite the smouldering embers of Civil War.

Volume II: Thou Shalt Not Suffer

There are those who claim that witches don’t exist! They also claim that tales of curses and crop blights, of midnight sabbats and dark conspiracies, are the fevered imaginings of fanatical witch finders. Those people have never been to Cornwall.

In that wild and sea-girt land, the Witch Queen rules through sorcery and fear, and the Royalist majority seem to be in thrall to her evil will.

The Adventurers are sent on a mission to this bleak, remote and sinister place, where they must struggle through a maze of witches, wreckers and pirates, miners, fanatics and superstitious peasants, to find the truth behind a growing evil which could swallow up the whole of England.

“A vivid storyline, appealing encounters, great adventuring opportunities, and a wealth of source material, but with a seemingly fatal twist if things don’t go quite right for the adventuring party. Make sure you cover all your bases…” – Aaron Huss, Roleplayers’ Chronicle.

Requires the Clockwork & Chivalry Core Rulebook 2nd Edition

Kingdom & Commonwealth Omnibus I: 185 pages, black and white

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