Flintlock & Steel Resource Pack #2 by Adrian Gawain Jones

Guardians of Blasphemous Knowledge is a companion to Tomes of Blasphemous Knowledge. It contains two new Factions, six NPCs, two new spells, and two new creatures for your Clockwork & Cthulhu and Dark Streets campaigns. What will the Pnakotic Brotherhood and the Guardians of the Toad get up to in your Cthulhu Mythos Renaissance game?

Guardians of Blasphemous Knowledge: 9 pages, black and white

Black and White PDF Available Now, $1

Useful with:

Clockwork & Cthulhu

Dark Streets

Flintlock & Steel Adventure #1: The Mystery of Shirdley Hall

Flintlock & Steel Adventure #2: Hellfire

Flintlock & Steel Resource Pack #1: Tomes of Blasphemous Knowledge