Case of the Missing ProfessorFlintlock & Steel Adventure #6: The Case of the Missing Professor by Adrian Gawain Jones and Peter Cakebread.

An adventure for Dark Streets.

When a professor goes missing from a prestigious college, the Bow Street Runners are called to York to investigate. It soon becomes apparent that he’s not the only person to have mysteriously vanished.

A stand-alone 18th century Cthulhu Mythos adventure for Dark StreetsThe Case of the Missing Professor also forms part one of the forthcoming Terror of the Toad campaign.






The Case of the Missing Professor, 65 pages, black and white

PDF available now, $6.99

Useful with: 

Dark Streets

Flintlock & Steel Adventure #2: Hellfire

Flintlock & Steel Resource Pack #1: Tomes of Blasphemous Knowledge

Flintlock & Steel Resource Pack #2: Guardians of Blasphemous Knowledge