OneDice Abney Park’s Airship Pirates!

OneDice Airship PiratesLatest in our OneDice series - OneDice Abney Park’s Airship Pirates! Post-apocalyptic steampunk role-playing in the world of steampunk band Abney Park, this packed little rule-book comes with extensive and lavish artwork by MANDEM, Phantoms Siren and “Captain” Robert Brown himself. Get the PDF now, or wait a couple of weeks and get the standard colour paperback, or the lush premium hardback…

Pirates & Dragons 10% off!

2014-10-16 16.48.40After much trial and tribulation on the printing front, the standard colour hardback of the D100 edition of Pirates & Dragons is now available! To celebrate, we’re offering a 10% discount for one week only. And if you buy the book, you get the PDF for free…–Dragons-Core-Rulebook

OneDice Pirates & Dragons in print!

The OneDice edition of Pirates & Dragons is now available in print! A nifty little 130 page full colour paperback, with all the (simple) rules and background to play in the magical swashbuckling world of the Dragon Isles! Get it now, and get the PDF for free!–Dragons

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OneDice Pirates & Dragons out now!

OD P&D Cover

New from Cakebread & Walton – the OneDice edition of Pirates & Dragons! 130 full-colour pages of swashbuckling goodness, using the popular OneDice system, it’s available now, with a handy-pocket sized print edition coming soon! OneDice Pirates & Dragons uses a simplified version of the background from our Renaissance D100 Pirates & Dragons game, and contains a substantial bestiary to get your games up and running in no time. And it’s kid-friendly too!

Get it here!–Dragons?manufacturers_id=4595

Pirates & Dragons paperback available now!

2014-08-22 15.39.31Pirates & Dragons core rulebook is now available! If you want a huge dollop of D100 fantasy pirate swashbuckling, this is the game for you! Forthcoming products for the line, now in production, include Curious Creatures of the Dragon Isles, a full-colour bestiary, and Tales of Tortuga, a gazetteer and two adventures involving double-crossing pirates, gruesome monsters, blue cannibals, zombies and untrustworthy dragons.

Or if you’d rather wait a week or two, the standard hardback edition will be out soon.

And a cut down, OneDice edition of Pirates & Dragons, featuring simple rules in a small 130 page full colour paperback, will also be available soon. Watch this space!

You can pick up Pirates & Dragons here:–Dragons-Core-Rulebook

Buy the book, get the PDF for free!