• Thursday, 21 October 2021
  • WoW: Shards of Domination force players to re-craft Legendarys

    When patch 9.1 hits the live servers of WoW Shadowlands, our heroes will be able to hunt for new and better gear. Among other things, they can also...
  • WoW Column: Tazavesh is uninteresting without Ilvl upgrades even before release

    It was recently announced that the items from the upcoming mega dungeon Tazavesh cannot be upgraded, but can be captured directly at item level 226...
  • WoW Lore: Varian's Compass and Anduin's Fate in Patch 9.1 [Spoilers!]

    There is news about the lore from the test server for WoW Patch 9.1! Dataminers recently discovered an exciting in-game cinematic in game data...